check crowd density of places online



Develop a high-quality, low-cost, easily implementable digital solution that measures crowd density real-time, that both analyzes and visualizes this data on smartphone apps while preserving data-privacy. Develop a historical and forecasting system for local business managers and public authorities.

Technologies used

- bluetooth low energy (ble) - raspberry Pi - mathematical triangulation - signal hashing (for privacy) - server-client architecture - python, javascript, golang, tcp/ip, redis/mongodb (databases) - ios/android (for apps)


- Having Prof. Dr. G. Keith Still on the advisory board and the quality of the entire advisory board (Dr. Federico Botta, lecturer; Marc Lehmann, MSc Insurance; Dr. med. Li Zhang, President; Oliver Hasler Msc, CEO & Partner Investment Company). - Triangulation measurements with a detection precision of 1 m or better over 30x30 m area (still exploring). - Detailed server-client system architecture. - Finding the right people at the right time.


- Understanding and setting into place a bluetooth low energy architecture that can be used for real-time triangulation. - Defining a strategy that balances both the covid-19 response (non-profit) and sustainable aspects (for-profit). Which companies/incubators should we collaborate with and when. - Finding the right people to complement a team with good internal people dynamics.


Crow-density is a very important topic, which has been studied in depth by Prof. Dr. G. Keith Still. This topic is not only important for covid-19, but also to elaborate evacuation and safety measures for public places. In order to detect and triangulate phone signals we had to learn several new techniques (Bluetooth low energy, Raspberry-Pi, in-memory databases, real-time signal processing)

Next steps

- Finish architecture development - Install web Live Proof-of-Concept Local People Density Detection demos. - Enlarge the team with new team members (2-3 people ready to join in the next weeks) - Continue with the VersusVirus Incubator process. - Secure Funding for Startup Launch. - Reach out to Key Stakeholders



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