Happy Spark

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During COVID-19 Lockdown various social activities are no longer possible, wellbeing of people decreased and some of them lack the inspiration on how to spend their leisure time. “HappySpark” is an app that inspires uses to try regularly new fun activities suggested by other users and scientists, based on their interest. The App also includes features like monitoring your long-term wellbeing, a diary of positive memories and the opportunity to accept and submit challenges yourself. With this app we aim to inspire people, keep them positive, engaged and make them still feel part of a community during and after a crisis.

Technologies used

Proto.io and bubble.io for the App prototype


In two days, we came from vague ideas to clearly stating a solution to one of the problems that unfolded during the COVID-19 Lockdown. HappySpark has the potential to boost the optimism and wellbeing of individuals and in the same time to reconnect communities, with positive and long-term implications. The App has also a huge potential for development and collaboration with other VV Projects and Apps.


Tackling the idea of happiness, which has such a broad meaning for each individual, was the first challenge. To this we can add the challenge of bringing to work together team-members with such different backgrounds and personal interests, in such a short amount of time.


The whole process from finding ideas to developing them and how to get organized within a new team in 48 hours.

Next steps

Develop the concept, a platform and application for HappySpark, work with the Versus Virus incubator and experts and increase brand awareness


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