Dolce Covida-20

bringing human interactions alive in e-commerce


A hybrid of an analog mode of telecommunication that is directed to a hotline operator acting like a traffic controller (offline) and an e-commerce platform that partners a local delivery platform (online) connecting a fleet of pick-up and delivery bicycle riders. This solution combines as many as possible existing ‘building blocks’ in order to realise a quick implementation. We need to be ready before the covid-19 after-waves to ensure ‘safe harbouring’ of risk groups and create a stimulus for the economy in the aftermath of the current situation towards new normal. We help the retail enterprises identify and remove all obstacles and accelerate an omni-channel layout, as well as put themselves in consumers’ shoes of locals to reflect on and optimise shopping process design and improve the shopping experience of local shops.

Technologies used

trello, google-docs, outlook, office365


We have started contacting the potential partners and so far has responded our inquiry, and officially agreed to be our partner. In the following weeks, we will be having a meeting with them and discuss about the details of long-term collaboration. We found a team mentor in the person of Ms Regina Roos.


The major challenge was about finding a way to reduce the level of complexity in authentication. At the moment, our solution uses voice biometric authentification. In the market, there exists a lot of digital including several multiple factor verification that includes sending/receiving an SMS or a phone call. It is crucial that the solution works for elderly people to make sure there is a 'safe harbouring'. In this case the lockdown can be much less heavy and economic impact will also be much less.


Existing ‘building blocks’ require deep and intensive research to identify them, contact the persons associated to these 'building blocks', set an appointment and meet virtually by zoom, skype, or teams. New things can still be reinvented, high tech can be brought back to analog and bring human emotions back to interactions in e-commerce.

Next steps

Find more team members Continue contacting local partners in the home delivery service Continue contacting local partners in the other branches of retail, telecommunication industry, voice biometric authentication, etc Implementing the milestones proposed in the pitch deck



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