Covid 19 Trials

Discover clinical trials and the next solutions or vaccines against the virus



Here is our vision: offering a one-stop-shop website for users (common people, scientists and industry) to localise geographically a clinical trial site studying or testing a cure/vaccine for Covid19 trials. We wish also to present informations about the development of these cures through user friendly data visualization. And are open for more advanced features such as predicting the success of a clinical trials. We collect data from reliable sources (currently, to expand to EU, CH, CN and other databases). We provide an API exposing this data that can be used by other projects, and a participant of VersusVirus wants already to use it, and we are interested in their data to better guide people coming from risk groups.

Technologies used

Slack,, Zoom, Google Maps, React, Svelte.js, Tailwind, Javascript, Pzthon, Kubernetes, Postgres, Digital Ocean, Pulumi


The website is already functional and serves as a working MVP. We have grown the team and attracted interest from other teams and mentors of Versus Virus


Unification of datasets between the various research centers to allow for the merging and focus of efforts. Web site development with Google Maps and React and Svelte.js and many nice technologies. Lucky to have a developer from New York on the team (Amrit)!


We have learned the power of open collaboration with people from different backgrounds. Thought has gone into the means of creating a standardized data entry content that encompasses the relevant fields and criteria required to achieve such a centralized data-set.

Next steps

We have prepared a roadmap to complete the development of the site and expand to more clinical trial registries



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