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Arise! How might we connect the needs from the most vulnerable countries, NGOs, international organizations in the form of challenges and the capacities of the private sector to provide solutions? Arise is a lightweight, no-frills solution for the population of low-income countries to register their needs easily. Organizations or private sectors which are able to offer aid may register to meet these needs/demands. As a demo, Arise is currently built on AirTable which uses simple forms for data entry and the basic search function to match the needs. The idea is to have something very easy to use in order to reach the masses of population which may not even have access to a mobile phone. In which case, anyone with a device with browser access is sufficient to help log the needs in a matter of minutes. For example, volunteers, storekeepers, electronic kiosks or just anyone on the street with a mobile phone can help to log the needs of anyone in need. The QR codes of the Forms' URLs can be promoted at no or low cost, on various channels such as roadside posters, Social Media and others. Naturally, further features will be added as the solution is developed.

Technologies used

Solution platform: Airtable. Voice narration:


A simple solution to help anyone register their needs and organizations/private sector to register what they can offer.


Platform selection.


AirTable, making videos, design sprints

Next steps

To go live!



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